All fluorocontaining polymers are divided into three classes: polytetrafluoroethylene, thermoplastic fluoropolymers, fluoroelastomers.

Features of Thermoplastic Fluoropolymers:

  • melt processability by standard methods;
  • wide range of operating tiperatures;
  • high thermal and heat stability, non-inflammability;
  • excellent chiical stability;
  • reliability at high mechanical loads;
  • absence of cold flow by loads;
  • good electrical antifriction and antiadhesion properties;
  • excellent weather stability and ageing stability;
  • higher radiation stability compared to that of PTFE (for F-40 - 10 000 times);
  • unlimited mix of products from complicated large parts to very thin films, fibers and coatings;
  • minimum scraps while manufacturing products;
  • non-toxicity, biological stability.

Many melting fluoroplastics can be moulded many times at high tiperatures, in this case any significant mechanical or thermal degradation or cross-linking does not take place and basic properties are not changed. This feature allows to manufacture products with minimum scraps. Some melting fluoroplastics have selective solubility in organic aprotic solvents and it allows to extend processing methods to prepare films, coatings, inish cloths, solution fibers.

Each kind of thermoplastic fluoropolymer has its specific features, they, allow to use thi for concrete products:



Specific properties

Easy processability (low tiperature), purity of the material, very high tensile strength hardness, flexibility, scrap resistance. Solubility in aprotic solvents.

F-62Higher flexibility, chiical stability. Solubility in aprotic solvents. 

Higher UV stability to concentrated hydroxides, acids and oxidizers. Solubility in aprotic solvents.

F-4MBHigher frequency dielectric. Excellent chiical stability, high purity. Max. operating tiperature 200оС.
F-50Thermoplastic counterpart of PTFE (F-4). Operating range of tiperatures is from minus 200 to plus 250оС. Excellent chiical stability.
F-10, 15, 100Flexibility, resistance to corrosive fluids, optical transparency.
F-40Excellent radiation stability, max. operating tiperature 200оС, tensile strength, hardness.



Basic Technical Properties of Thermoplastic Fluoropolymers.



F-2M F-42 F-62 F-10 F-4MB F-50F-40
Physical and mechanical properties.

Density, kg/m3  


Tensile strength at break, MPa


Relative elongation, % rel.


Brinell hardness, MPa  


Static flexural strength, MPa 


Flexural modulus at static flexure, MPa at 20 оС  


Thermal properties.

Melting tiperature, оС  


Decomposition tiperature, оС  

350 360450400470370

Operating tiperature range, оС  

-40 ¸135 -60 ¸120 -80 ¸170  -190 ¸ 205-200 ¸ 250-100 ¸ 200

Oxygen index, %  

95-977545-95 9530
Electrical properties.

Volume resistivity min., Ohm´m

5´1010 1´109   4´1012   2´1015 1´1015 1014-1015  

Power loss factor at 103 Herz  


0,02-0,03 0,02   0,0002- 0,0005  0,0002- 0,0003  (1-2) ´10-4   0,006-0,008

Electric strength, kV/mm  


Electric permeability at 103 Herz  





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