Кассета из фторопласта-50.F-50 is a perfluorinated copolymer, its properties are similar to those of PTFE (F-4) but it can be melt processed. Its mechanical strength under high temperatures and radiation stability are higher than those of PTFE. Its chemical stability, electric properties and operating temperature range (minus 196 plus 250 oC) are practical by equal to those of PTFE.

F-50 has also flexibility, multiple bend resistance, higher adhesion to various substrates, it does not cold flow.

The properties and applications of F-50 are similar to those of Teflon-PFA (Du Pont), Neoflon-PFA (Daikin), Hostaflon-PFA (Dyneon), Hyflon - PFA (Ausimont - Solvay).

F-50 is produced under TU 6-05-041-663. Plastpolymer Joint Stock Company produced F-50 granules, films, coatings, compression moulded products.

Applications of F-50



Electrical industryWire and cable insulation for very extreme conditions of temperatures and frequencies, parts of electroinsulators.
Chemical industryLining of chemical equipment, pipes, fittings, valves, pumps, scrubbers, air blowers. Chemical ware, anticorrosive coating.
InstrumentationTubes, rods, packings, membranes.
ElectronicsParts for very pure media for the production of semiconductors.
Food and confectionery industriesAntifriction coatings for equipment for paste rolling and antiscorch coatings for baking moulds.
MedicineMedical fibers, films, tubes.

Relatively high cost of F-50 is paid back by high productivity of the production of end products in combination with its operating period. The study of the world market shows further development of its production.


New Application of F-50

F-50 can be melt processed, this possibility makes easier the production of heat insulating parts for atomic stations in replacient of PTFE.

Customers order antiblocking coatings for high temperatures (250 oC). Coating based on F-50 suspension or F-50-PN powder can be used in this case.

Гранулы Ф-4МБF-4MB is a fully fluorinated copolymer, it has all valuable properties of PTFE (excellent chemical stability, high electrical properties which do not depend upon temperature and current frequency) but it can be melt processed. Operating temperature range is from minus 190 to plus 200 oC.

The properties and applications of F-4MB are similar to those of Teflon FEP, Hostaflon FEP, Neoflon FEP.

F-4MB is produced under TU 301-05-73. Plastpolymer Joint Stock Company produces F-4MB films, coatings, tubes.


Applications of F-4MB


  • Wire and cable insulation for extreme conditions of temperatures and frequencies;

  • Protective coatings for print circuits and very small electronic parts;

  • Tubes, rods and films used in electroinsulators and condensers, heat exchange equipment, laminated and combined film materials. F-4MB film is used for flexible containers, membranes, to protect surfaces from corrosive fluids, atmospheric conditions and UV, to manufacture disposable containers, for low temperature conservation of blood, bone marrow, reinforced and foil materials ets.

  • chemical resistant fibers having non-inflammability, durability, physiological non-toxicity and biological stability. Non-weaven filtering materials, decorative and special cloths used for inhabited sections of cosmic stations ets. Have been developed on their basis.

  • F-4MB is allowed to be used in contact with foods.


New Applications of F-4MB

  • Foreign application of F-4MB (FEP) films are as follows:

  • Aviation and cosmos industries - fuselages, film coatings for wings and motor parts, polyamide film reinforcement to insulate wires and cables;

  • Coatings for rolls, sun collectors, sample bags etc.

  • Sight glasses for special equipment;

  • Roofing materials.

In Russia the demand for F-4MB is increased:

Food and confectionery industriesAntifriction coatings for equipment for paste rolling and antiscarch coatings for baking moulds
Automotive industryProtection of sliding bearings

F-4NB-2 can be extruded and injection moulded, it is used to produce condenser films, electrete films for condenser microphones, wire and cable insulation and as parts of ultrahigh insulation and construction products with resistance to corrosive fluids and high temperatures. Operating temperatures for F-4MB-2 are from minus 196 to plus 200 oC. F-4MB-2 is produced under TU 2213-040-00203521. Plastpolymer Joint Stock Company produced F-4MB-2 film.


Гранулы фторопласта-100БF-10Fluoroplast-10,15 and 100 are new fluoropolymers with higher flexibility and stability to multiple bends, excellent chemical resistance to all corrosive fluids and low gas and liquid permeability. They have high electric properties, transparency in the visible spectrum (80-93%), operating temperature range is from minus 100 to +150 oC. These fluoroplasts are 5-15 time more expensive than PTFE, expenses are paid back by simple processing, durability and universal applications.

Foreign grades similar to this group of polymers are not known!

F-10 is weather resistant, biological inert, hardly inflammable (its oxygen index is equal to that of PTFE and amounts to 95%), it has optical transparency in the visible spectrum.

Several modifications of F-10 have been developed, they have higher thermal and colour stabilities (f-10MB), optical transparency (F-100), special flexibility (f-15).

Comparison of Basic Properties of Soft (F-10, -15 and -100), Average Hard (F-4MB) and Hard (F-2M) Polymers.

PropertiesAverage values
F-10, F-15, F-100F-4MBF-2M
Tensile strength, MPa252555
Relative elongation at break, %250280400-500
Residual elongation, %120-150280400-500
Flexural modulus, MPa  - 20 oC
                                          - 60 oC
Brinell hardness, MPa204090-114

Processing: extrusion, injection moulding, compression moulding, powder spraying, aqueous suspension coating.




Basic products

Industry, machine buildingPacking parts, membranes for the equipment for very corrosive fluids, anticorrosive and antifriction coatings.
ElectronicsFlexible elements of structures, packing rings for process equipment.
Cosmos industryFilms, foil and reinforced film materials, displacement tanks in cosmos apparatus
MedicineTubes, flexible hoses, catheters

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