Laboratory for thermoplastic fluoropolymers (022) is a division of R&D of OAO Plastpolymer (Plastpolymer Joint Stock Company). R&D in the sphere of synthesis, processing and applications of fluorocontaining polymers were started by Plastpolymer Joint Stock Company (NIIPP) in 1947. On the basis of these R&D the processes for all Russian fluoroplastics and many products of them were commercialized.

  • start of R&D in the sphere of fluoropolymers by NIIPP (now Plastpolymer Joint Stock Company);
  • first experimental unit to produce polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and later fluorocopolymers;
  • first commercial PTFE plant in Russia at Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Combinat;
  • first commercial product of fluorocopolymers (F-42, F-40) in Russia;
  • development and commercialization of the copolymers based on TFE, VDF, TFCE, HFP, and PFAVE;
  • development and pilot production of a number of new kinds of thermoplastic fluoropolymers (TPFP) with specific properties (transparency, crease resistance, selective gas permeability, ion exchange membranes);
  • works are continued to extend applications and studies of the properties of TPFP, mix of grades and to modify production of fluoropolymers.

Laboratory for thermoplastic fluoropolymers has developed synthesis of melting fluoropolymers and their processing, it also studies properties and applications of fluoropolymers for various industries.

The laboratory includes:

маркированный список group of copolymers based on vinylidene fluoride;
маркированный список group of perfluorinated copolymers of TFE with HFP and PFAVE;
маркированный список group of copolymers of tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene;
маркированный список group of film materials;
маркированный список group of coatings.

Basic activities of the laboratory include:

  • R&D in the sphere of synthesis and processing of TPFP;
  • development and commercialization of experimental and commercial processes for various kinds of TPFP and their products;
  • issue of pilot lots with specified properties;
  • complex studies of properties and compositions of TPFP including foreign made counterparts;
  • participation in scientific-informational and patent studies, exhibitions and seminars;
  • participation in contractual and license agreements with foreign partners;
  • studies of applications of TPFP to new applications;
  • study of the status and future development of the production of fluoropolymers in Russia and in the world;
  • participation in design and engineering, preparation of initial data for feasibility studies and projects to modify and to organize new fluoropolymer plants;
  • productions of experimental lots (compression moulding, injection, moulding and extrusion) of TPFP products as per orders of customers;
  • development and production of coating materials, development of various coating processes, production of experimental lots of coated products as per orders of customers, transfer of the coating process, assistance;
  • preparation and issue of scientific and technical documentation (TU, GOST, procedures ets.), advertisements and reviews for fluoropolymers.

Laboratory for Thermoplastic Fluoropolymers
Plastpolymer Joint Stock Company
Polyustrovsky pr.,32, St. Petersburg, 195197, Russia

Tel/fax +7 (812) 540-89-77
Laboratory manager
N. N. Loginova, doctor of science.

Tel/fax +7 (812) 540-15-74
J. A. Smirnova, Leading Researcher Laboratory for Thermoplastic Fluoropolymers.


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